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    Backed by over 30 years of experience in the Office Chair Manufacturing, Ingica is dedicated to deliver the most elegant designs while maintaining the highest working comforts in all of our products.

    Practical Design

    Starting with fashionable yet functional designs, to the quality of each individual component.

    Maintain Excellence

    All the way to customer satisfaction, Ingica is able to sustain excellence due to everything being done in-house.

    Rich Experience

    With the flexibility of a manufacturer, knowledge gained through 30 years of experience.

    Reliable Service

    Elegant styles of our designs, Ingica is here to bring the products you desired and the service you can trust


    Since 1978, Yun Liang has designed, developed and manufactured quality chairs for markets across the globe. With its experience in designing, developing and manufacturing popular commercial office chair, Yun Liang has launched its own Office Chair manufacturing brand, “ingica”. The purpose of this restructuring is to set our Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services apart from the others.

    In an ongoing effort to serve our clients with services that they truly need and want, we also offer valuable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions.

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